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I am a retired public art teacher, living my dream of an art studio and the time to work on any idea that comes my way.



Climbing out of my small garden and looking at the bigger picture, I am reminded daily of the fragility and resilience of the world’s environment. Whatever way we believe the current state of our environment is heading, philosophically or scientifically, we must be cognizant of our footsteps.

I began researching various writings about the garden, current environmental studies and then, observing my level of impact on the environment. My reaction to all of this is a visual series combining direct observation, internet references, literature, folklore, classical mythology, found objects and memories explored through the use of acrylic paints and assemblages to remind me of my own impact on the environment. Paintings are developed with both opaque or transparent effects; some layers are further manipulated with man- made items disturbing the painted surface. In the found objects, they speak for themselves. Discarded and left forever or hopefully, recycled.

Going into the ’woods’ as Thoreau would say, I hope to be a positive part of the dialog about the preciousness of the our garden.

Chaos, Mr.Escher.jpg

Chaos, Mr. Escher
collaged papers & acrylic 12" x 48"

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