I am a retired public art teacher, living my dream of an art studio and the time to work on any idea that comes my way.


My art work continues to explore the complex and sometimes fragile balance of modern societal growth. The changing visual patterns of that progress, whether good or bad, have informed my imagery.

Whether in a rural setting or right here in Herndon, the land, its buildings and the people adapt to the new visual formations as daily life moves forward. Some aspects of the forms become obsolete and our relationship to those patterns might become altered. 

Memories mixed with the new emerging patterns are explored through paint, printmaking and assemblages. Marks are layered to obliterate or reveal new combinations of patterns shifting the network found in our new societies. My response to change comes with some regret, but, the new ‘footprint’ is inevitable. 


Chaos, Mr.Escher.jpg

Chaos, Mr. Escher
collaged papers & acrylic 12" x 48"